Frequently Asked Questions

No. Apprenticeships are open to anyone aged 16 and over living in England and not currently in full time education. It might surprise you to know that in 2015/16, people aged 25 and over accounted for 44% (224,100) of apprenticeship starts, as opposed to just 26% of new apprentices being under 19.

Many people will need to adapt or learn new skills throughout their working lives and an Apprenticeship can be the best route to achieving this.

This very much depends on the level of Apprenticeship. The following guidance will help, but we will provide Apprentice assessment and advice tailored to your specific circumstances.

There are 4 different levels of Apprenticeship to choose from:

Apprenticeship Level: *Entry Requirements: Equivalent to:
Intermediate Formal qualifications may not be required, although applicants will need to work towards “functional skills qualifications” in at least English and Maths. These can be achieved as part of apprenticeship training. YAH can also offer support with English and Maths as part of a free preparatory training package. Five GCSEs at grades A* to C

(Level 2)

Advanced Typically an Intermediate Apprenticeship or 5 GCSEs at A* to C Two A-Level passes

(Level 3)

Higher Typically an Advanced Apprenticeship, two A-level passes or an NVQ Level 3, plus experience of working in a business role. Foundation Degree and above

(Levels 4-7)

Degree Academic requirements vary from programme to programme, but typically three A-Level passes, plus occupational experience. Full Bachelors or Master’s Degree (Levels 6 and 7)


*You may also be able to train individuals on an apprenticeship at the same or lower level than a qualification they already hold if this allows them to gain substantive new skills and the content of the training is materially different from any previous training they have received.

The YAH team are here to provide free, impartial and expert help determine the right training framework/standard and identify suitable candidate(s) from within your existing staff in order to deliver the required business benefits.

Our team of experienced professionals are here to support you, whilst you get on with growing your business.

Apprenticeships are tailored to fit specific job roles and functions, giving your staff the skills that are right for your business. Delivery models are flexible and based around your needs and the needs of your employee. Apprenticeships can be delivered in the following ways:

  • Day release: eg one day a week at College, Training Centre or University
  • Block release: eg a block of several weeks full time at a College, Training Centre or University
  • Full in-work training: A Training Provider may travel to your place of work to deliver additional support in-house.

Your employee can stay on the same contract of employment whilst they study for an Apprenticeship. All you will need to provide is a line manager to support his/her studies and meet with assigned Assessor every month or so to sign paperwork and ensure that your Apprentice is supported every step of the way.

Apprenticeships are government funded work based training programmes. Depending on the age and circumstances of your employee and the size of your business, government funding may cover 100% of the costs of the training. Take a look at our chart for guidance and also contact us for advice.

Once you know that you would like to support one or more of your employees with an Apprenticeship, you will need a training provider to deliver the programme of learning that will lead to the qualification. The YAH team are here to identify a suitable training provider for you and introduce you to them.

Your chosen Training Provider will deal with all the paperwork and keep you up to date with your Apprentice’s progress throughout the time of the programme.

Apprenticeships come in different levels from intermediate and advanced to degree level and usually last a minimum of 12 months, but depending on the qualification they may take longer.

The Yorkshire Apprenticeship Hub provides friendly, impartial advice to employers and employees in the York, North Yorkshire and East Riding region. We work with Small & Medium Enterprise businesses (SMEs) to understand your business needs and aspirations, and provide skills solutions to help your business grow. Employees must be 19+. Our aim is to increase awareness and understanding of Apprenticeships. We also make pre-Apprenticeship training activities available to ensure that employers and employees are prepared and supported every step of the way.

 The Yorkshire Apprenticeship Hub service is:

• Fully funded

• Independent

• No obligation